Thursday, August 30, 2007

(Post # 20) Nerve Mobility and Sports Injuries

Can some our sports injuries be associated with the ability of the nervous system to move properly?

Can achilles tendonitis or a hamstring tear be caused by the inability of the sciatic nerve to move and glide freely?

Think for a moment how our brain is connected to the spinal cord and how the spinal cord is connected to the lumbar nerve roots; such as the sciatic nerve.
The sciatic nerve travels near the hamstring, behind the knee, all the way to the toes innervating all of these muscles. To test the sciatic nerve to see if a spinal disc is compressing it and not letting it glide, a clinician would perform a test which would put our leg in a position very similar to many sports moves therefore put our nerve roots under tension.
If there are restrictions in the lower spine the nerve roots may give the wrong information to those muscles not to relax on time, or not to relax at all.

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