Sunday, November 9, 2008

(Post 93) More Myths and the Problems they Cause

Myth #4: When performing a lunge, the knee must never cross the foot and the knee must always be in the direction of the middle toe.

This myth can causes many problems, but before we go any further lets ask the following:

What happens when you are playing a sports or when you have to move your body in an unexpected way that requires that your knee does go beyond the foot and where your knee is not aligned with the foot (which is very common!) and you have not trained your neuromuscular system to control these movements, ranges of motion and positions?

You are taking a huge risk of injuring or rupturing your ligaments, meniscus, tendons and other structures, and this is not taking in consideration that depending on the severity, you may also compromise you hip and ankle which are both functionally linked to the knee.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

(Post 92) Question Everything!

Don't follow blindly...Question everything!

Laws, facts, theories, hypothesis, assumptions and opinions.

Here are some points from Dr Siff that can help when questioning...

A rule is not a law

A theory is not a law

A judicial law is not a scientific law

A position statement is not a law

Scientific laws can not be broken; judicial laws can

An hypothesis is not a law; an hypothesis is a theory

A theory has to be proved repeatedly to become a law

Most rules and laws are relative to some point of reference

Beware of absolutes; almost everything is relative

Rules change; scientific laws do not; judicial laws do

Rules can be and usually are broken

Some rules should be broken

Look for undiscovered laws

Think before you rule

Question all rules.