Sunday, August 26, 2007

(Post # 13) The X-ray, a doubtful assistance?

Can an X-ray be a substitute for functional assessment?

No, a characteristic shared by the moving soft tissues is their radio-translucency (their ability not to be seen in a x-ray). The tissues that I am talking about are joint capsules, ligaments, fasciae, muscles, tenons, bursae, spinal discs, dura mater, dural sheaths, and nerve roots. Any of these structures can cause pain. None of them inflame or other wise, can be diagnose on the x-ray. If a soft tissue causes pain, the x-ray can show only one of two things. First, it may reveal the bones are normal; therefore it allows the patient to be open to a misplace diagnosis of neurosis or psychogenic pain (pain caused by the mind). On the other hand the x-ray may disclose some symptomless abnormalities or natural degenerative changes which is then incorrectly regarded as the source of the pain. In this case the x-ray is positively misleading.
So be skeptical of those clinicians that will give you a diagnosis, without giving you a thorough functional assessment first.

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