Thursday, August 16, 2007

(Post # 4) Tissue Dysfunctions

About every other year there is a tissue that comes in style.

Whaaaat? you ask. And yes, you are told that: your pain is caused by a tight psoas, No!... by a tight piriformis, No! a weak core, No!... by a disc, No! a bone out of place, No!... by a psiatic nerve, No!... by facet joints, No!... by weak abs, etc,etc,etc.
Well, what are we suppose to do with all this confusion?

Here is a description of most common dysfunctions:

Spinal Dysfunction—usually caused by disc displacement or restrictions.

Joint Dysfunction--lack of range of motion, due to displacement, instability or restriction.

Nerve Dysfunction--Inability for the nervous system to move and glide freely with movement.

Neuromuscular Dysfunction-- caused by inactivity, misuse, or wrong method of training.

Tendon Dysfunction--usually caused by joint injury, instability or misuse.

Bursa Dysfunction--usually secondary to other dysfunction such as joint instability or neuromuscular dysfunction.