Friday, February 22, 2008

(Post # 68) The Right Therapeutic Dosage

By far the most important strategy in getting better is learning how to identify and apply the right therapeutic dosage.

1. Quantity: We can always change the quantity depending on our physical response, adaptation, energy level and our rehab and/or training goals.
2. Frequency: We need to find the right amount of resting time between rehab and training sessions so we can properly rebuild, restore and recover.
3. Resistance: Weight and/or resistance should only be applied when we have complete control of our body weight in motion.
4. Level of difficulty : Avoid making the exercise more difficult without a good reason, meaningful plan and a purpose.
5. Environmental stability: When we introduce external or environmental instability to our rehab and training program, such as a balance board or stability ball, we stimulate our body's neuromuscular system and gain physical stability.
6. Speed: Speed should be the last progression unless we have very good reason to do otherwise.

Remember...Not enough load and the tissue will become weak...Too much load and the tissue will break down...So we need to find the right amount and quantify it.