Wednesday, February 20, 2008

(Post # 66) On Running

Running is a great way to:

1. Get cardiovascular exercise.

2. Get good brain chemicals.

3. Get rid of stress.

4. Get rid of pent-up energy so you can sleep better.

But it can be hard on our joints if you don't know how to run how can we get all of these benefits and minimize the impact and micro trauma?

1. Train your body with multi-directional lunges.

2. Train your glutes and leg muscles with squats.

3. Train your trunk muscles "core" with planks.

4. Floss your sciatic nerves.

5. Warm up with a speed walk right before your run.

6. When running visualize yourself running in the sand trying not to leave deep marks on the sand, in other words learn to decelerate your body when your foot enters the ground.

7. Find a safe place and run backwards and side to side as a cool down

8. And finally stretch all your muscles, but do it in a functional way.