Friday, October 19, 2007

(Post # 51) On Your Bones... Ready?... Go!

Traditionalists will tell you to:
  • Take Calcium, Tums will do.
  • Do exercise, any will do.
  • Take hormones. Horse urine? or wild yam? any will do.
  • When all fails take Fosamax.

...and you may ask...

What about tums and indigestion?

What about hormones and cancer and heart disease?

What about Fosamax and osteonecrosis (bones that are dying and rotting) ?

...and they say...
  • only a small percent get those side effects.
  • if they happen we will deal with that later.

So I am going to ask you...

  1. Are you walking at least 20 minutes every day?
  2. Are you doing three dimensional, multi-directional, against gravity, free from any artificial stability exercises?
  3. Are you eating a balanced diet of healthy proteins, whole grains, organic vegetables and fruits?
  4. Are you avoiding refined foods, sugars and sodas?

If yes, great!

If not, let's get started!!!!