Saturday, October 6, 2007

(Post # 40) Wisdom from Pooh Bear

Pooh: Oh bother! Why am I sitting on this tree stump trying to make my leg go straight with Piglet hanging onto my ankle?

Owl: So Rabbit and I can calculate how strong your leg is.

Rabbit: Extending a Piglet twenty times means you have a strong leg for a bear.

Piglet: It is hard to hang on. I hope I don't fall off when you make your leg go fast.

Eeyore: This all looks very boring to me.

Pooh: But this is not what the leg of a Pooh Bear does.

Owl: And what, may I ask, do you mean by that?

Pooh: Well, the leg of a Pooh Bear likes to balance while reaching for a jar of honey, likes to squat down to play sticks with Piglet, likes to lunge back during tug-a-war with Eeyore, likes to climb the three steps to visit with Owl, likes to jump over logs in the forest with Tigger and likes to play hop games with Rabbit.

Tigger: Oh, thank you, Pooh. I like jumping with you, too...that's what Tiggers do best, you know.

Owl: May be if Piglet lets go of your ankle and you get up off the slump we can see what the leg of a Pooh Bear can do.

Rabbit: But there will be nothing to calculate, nothing to count, nothing to time, nothing to measure.

Pooh: It seems if you let my leg do what it likes, you could measure it while it likes what it does.

Tigger: You mean like jumping with me, hopping with Rabbit, tugging on Eeyore and squatting with Piglet?

Eeyore: Everyone is always tugging on my tail.

Pooh: and specially balancing while reaching for a jar of honey...just the thought of all this makes me very hungry, indeed.

Owl: Maybe there is a way to measure all the things your leg likes to do. I really enjoy it when you climb up the steps into the tree to visit me...maybe next time we can count the steps.

Rabbit: I would like to see how far and how fast we can jump together...that's what we do best, you know.

Eeyore: I'll bet you will want to lunge as far as you can to see how far back you can pull me by my tail.

Pooh: I wonder how long I can balance and how far I can reach for a jar of honey?

Rabbit: It seems like there is going to be a lot of things to measure if we are going to measure all the things the leg of a Pooh Bear likes to do.

Piglet: But what am I going to do now that I am not hanging onto the ankle of a Pooh Bear?

Pooh: Oh, Piglet, now you can hang onto the hand of a Pooh Bear and the rest of your friends and join in on all the fun.

--Gary Gray.