Tuesday, October 9, 2007

(Post # 42) Myths and the Problems they Cause # 3

Myth #3: Stretching before exercising will prevent sports injuries.

After studying the work of Dr Siff and Dr McGill, both professors of biomechanics , I realized I was not alone in believing how wrong this common misconception is.

If you were a sculptor trying to give shape to a piece of clay, metal or glass, you would first warm it up or melt it, otherwise it could crack and brake when you tried to bend it. Well, the body is no different.

These are steps I recommend for a safe and effective work out:
  1. Before playing sports or doing exercises, you need to warm up for 5 minutes with any of the following: Gentle progressive fast walks, mini squats, short lunge matrix or any exercises that would increase you heart rate and circulation.
  2. After the warm-up you are now ready to do your sport or exercise routine.
  3. After you finish, you need to slow down with a gentle 5 minutes walk, run, or lunge matrix.
  4. Only after you have finish your slow down, should you stretch or mobilize your body as a cool down.