Sunday, January 25, 2009

(Post 107) Propioception

What is it?

My definition of propioception is, the conscious and unconscious awareness and perception of our body, position, movement and environment through our neuro-musculo-skeletal system.

What are the symptoms of poor propioception?

When our propioceptors are not working properly and are not in balance...

1. Muscles can't protect the spine and joints.
2. Muscles can't stabilize the body and its parts.
3. Muscles can't react fast enough to protect us from a fall, accident and/or a sports injury.
4. Muscles can't help us keep a good posture when sitting, standing or moving.
5. Muscles can't react fast enough to change direction or position in sports.

What causes poor propioception?

1. Injury.
2. Pain.
3. Physical dysfunctions.
4. Inactivity.
5. Poor training methods.
6. Some neurological disorders.
7. Walkers for babies and kids inhibits propioception development.

What can you do to improve your propioception?

1. Practice therapeutic walking (walking with swinging arms, free hands and at a good pace)for at least 20 minutes every day.
2. Keep a good sitting, standing and moving posture.
3. Balance in a wobble board for the count of 20 breaths 10 times.
4. Practice balance reaches on a stability pad, 20 per side.