Tuesday, January 13, 2009

(Post 100) Back in Motion...

Getting Back in Motion is a process...There are stages, steps, strategies, hurdles and many physical and emotional ups and downs.
At the beginning of this process, you enter the first stage which we will call "feeling better". At this stage, you temporarily feel less pain, you have good and bad days, you move a bit better, and feel a bit uplifted, but then a flare up or a set back shows up, and you feel temporarily discouraged, but if you keep up the hard work you enter the second stage which we will call "getting better". At this stage, you feel less pain, move better and start to have good days more often, but a few more set backs and flare ups show up and you feel briefly frustrated and discouraged, but with hard work and patience you enter the final stage which we will call "staying better". At this stage you no longer feel pain, you can move and perform better and the risk of relapse is eliminated.

Is this process worth it?

Can you enjoy your life, family, friend and activities when you are in pain?

How will you be physically and emotionally in five, ten or fifteen years from now if you don't take care of your body and mind now?

...You now have 100 posts that can guide you and hopefully encourage you to MOVE beyond pain and dysfunction so you can enjoy a more comfortable and complete life...Good Luck.