Saturday, May 23, 2009

(Post # 118) Any Clown can Push, Push, Push

Some of this clowns have the heart in the right place, but their knowledge is very limited.
Their concept is to push, push, push at all cost, as long as 10% to 20% of their athletes survive the poorly designed overtraining and win competitions, the other 80% that get permanent injuries and dysfunctions get overlooked or just dismissed as "collateral damage".

This sad story goes some thing like this..

Clown: "Go faster".

Athlete: "I am trying".

Clown: "Try harder"

Athlete: "I am in pain".

Clown: "You are not trying hard enough, just put some ice and take some ibuprofen".

Athlete: "I have been putting ice and taking ibuprofen everyday for while, but the pain does not stop and is getting worse".

Clown: "Just go and see a doctor".

Athlete: "Doctor say I need rehabilitation".

Therapist: "You need to take time off so we can rehabilitate your body properly".

Athlete: "I am not sure I can, my coach wont be happy and I don't think he would let me slow down".

Therapist : "If we don't do rehab right, therapy at best will only delay surgery".

So in another words the story goes something like this...

Ice + Advil ... and when that does not work...

Advil + Pain killers... and when that does not work...

Steroids shots ... and when that does not work...

Surgery ... and when that does not work...

More aggressive surgery... and when that does not work...

More surgeries and more pills...

The athlete is finished!