Wednesday, February 4, 2009

(Post 110) The Symphony of Human Movement

When human movement is in balance, it is like a beautiful symphony, where the brain, cortex, spinal cord, nerve roots, propioceptors, stabilizers muscles, mobilizer muscles, joints and ligaments work in synchronicity creating effective, efficient, protective and healthy motion.

But when this symphony is out of tune and out of synchronicity, we then have:

1. Propioceptors that don't get properly stimulated and can't communicate.
2. Stabilizers that don't hold joints in their neutral position while mobilizers create movement.
3. Muscles that don't fire on time, therefore can't protect the body nor create efficient movements.
4. Joints, nerves, tendons and muscles take the uneven, unhealthy and damaging loads.

So to to keep your symphony in balance, you need to train...

1. Mobility
2. Stability
3. Endurance
4. Strength
5. Power
6. Agility
7. Speed

By using ...

1. The three-dimensions.
2. The ten directions.
3. Gravity.
4. Ground forces.
5. Progressive resistance.
6. The right tools for your body, your goals and your sports.
7. Different environments.