Saturday, December 13, 2008

(Post 95) Vacuuming it's a Pain !!!

It is very common for some people to feel back pain during/or after vacuuming. Very often these people have unstable spines and dysfunctional spinal discs, which causes recurrent back pain and dysfunction.

Why do they feel pain?

Most people tend to vacuum pushing and pulling the vacuum with one hand on one side of their body, rotating and twisting the spine, and causing high amounts of torque on the spinal discs where muscles can take the load but not the unstable spine.

What can be done?

If you are one of this people, when vacuuming you should:

1. Keep your spine in neutral (not bent or twisted).

2. Keep the vacuum in front of your body.

3. Push and pull the vacuum with both hands as much as possible, this will eliminate the spinal torque which is one of the reasons for spinal disc damage, back pain and dysfunction.

4. Try to vacuum after you have been moving around, one to two hours after rising from bed as our spinal discs have more water in them and are more prone to damage.