Saturday, March 15, 2008

(Post # 76) The Mind- Body-Environment Connection

Not long ago when some of us talked about the mind - body connection we were not only looked as very creative but also very confused.
Today with the advances of neuro-science and functional MRI the evidence for this connection is clear, but I believe we need to take this concept a step further and realize that the environment is our extended body, and that there is not separation between our mind, body and the environment.

When we can understand that our thoughts are recycled information, and that our bodies are recycled environment (water, food and air), and that our environment is recycled universe, we can then see how when we contaminate our environment we contaminate our food, and when we contaminate our food we contaminate our body, and when we contaminate our body we contaminate our mind, and when we contaminate our mind we pollute everything.

When we can see that our personal wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of our mind, body and environment, we will then have a more holistic view and take care of all three.

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